Micah Versemann - Writer/Director

Director at Brothers in Christ Productions, he has served as the writer and director on all of Brother in Christ's previous film projects. Since BCP's last film Agape, he has also served as Gaffer on several film projects as well as a PA in many of the different film departments for projects. He is looking forward to see what the Lord has in store with this project and can't wait for it to get off the ground.


Matthew Versemann -             Co-Producer

Matthew Versemann has been involved with all of our previous projects from behind the scenes work and advice to acting in front of the camera. Holding a degree in business and being a Pastor makes him valuable on both the physical and spiritual side of Christian filmmaking.

Kathleen Franck -                   Co-Producer

Kathleen is a newcomer to the Brothers in Christ Productions team but her abilities and connections will make her a valuable asset to getting everything lined up for filming. A fun trivia fact, she can be spotted as an extra in a couple of our previous films.


Carol Kiemle - Art Director

We first met Carol back at the 2015 Midwest Christian Filmmakers Academy and can't wait to work with her again as she brings her knowledge to the set of Crave. Some of her recent work includes the official productions at the MWCFA and the short film Rubber Ducky.



 Hannah Huwe - Art Department

We met Hannah the other year at the 2016 MWCFA and are thrilled to have her on the project as part of the art department. 






Elizabeth Versemann - Craft services

Elizabeth has been helping provide food for our crew since our very first film project back in 2009 and we can't be more thrilled for her to be back.