Brothers in Christ Productions was created in August of 2009 but what led to its creation actually started in December of 2008.

In December of 2008 I, Micah Versemann, approached my dad Pastor Matthew Versemann with the idea of writing a book trilogy for the church newsletter on the end times from the LCMS perspective of Revelations. My dad agreed with the idea and also agreed to be the Biblical editor of the book trilogy.

At this time I approached one of my friends, Nathan Platte, and asked if he would be interested in being a co-writer for the book series. He agreed and so that January we began writing the first book which would be called “The Last Days: Into the Unknown”.

Finally that August as we were working on the final two chapters of the first book, the idea came to me that we should make the book trilogy into a movie trilogy. It was then that I approached Nathan Platte about this idea and once he agreed we formed Brothers in Christ Productions which immediately went into pre-production work on the first movie.

Filming of the first film took place between the end of December 2009 and March of 2010. The movie had its cast premiere in May of 2010 with the first church showing in July of that year.

At this time book 2 of the trilogy, “The Last Days 2: Rising Darkness” was well on the way and preliminary work on book 3, “The Last Days 3: Coming Light”, was also going on, Brothers in Christ Productions was also hard at work preparing for the production of the second movie.

In October of 2010 it was decided that we would also produce the third and final movie back to back with the second film. So from the end of December 2010 through June of 2011 Brothers in Christ Productions was filming the final two movies of the trilogy. Then in August of 2011 we rented the town’s local theater to have an all church and cast showing of the completed trilogy that officially signaled the end of production on the trilogy.

In June 2011 I began working on writing the next Brothers in Christ Productions film along with taking Christian filmmaking classes as a way to expand on my knowledge for the next production.

In April of 2012 I received word about the “Higher Things Film Festival”. While the trilogy or even one movie of the trilogy was too long to enter into the short film contest I created a short five minute film using scenes from “The Last Days 3: Coming Light.” These scenes all focused on one of the story lines from the film. After much waiting we were notified and received the Golden Luther Award from Higher Things. The short film was also posted on their YouTube page making it the first time we were on the internet.

Nathan Platte(Left) and Micah Versemann(Right) with the Golden Luther Award for our short film "Greater Love"

Nathan Platte(Left) and Micah Versemann(Right) with the Golden Luther Award for our short film "Greater Love"

Since finishing the trilogy, my friend, Nathan Platte, has stepped down from a lead role in the production company still helping out as a crew member and extra on set from time to time but not being majorly involved with the productions.

From April to June of 2013 we filmed our first feature film, "The Faith Line" which had a small theatrical release October 24-30, 2014.

Between Feb. of 2013 and the fall of 2014 I worked on several short film projects for others as well as attending film festivals and academies.

In October of 2014, we shot our next film project, a Veterans Day short film titled "Thank You." The film was released on Veterans Day of that year on our YouTube Channel and has also been accepted into the 2015 Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival.

In the spring of 2015 we shot our next short film project called "Agape" which premiered in November 2015. I also working with Solid Ground Studios again in June 2015 as Gaffer for their short film "Finding My Father."

Starting in 2015 we are going to be working to get the free-lance videography side of our production company up and running while we continue to work on films of our own and others that glorify God.