who we are


For a decade now Brothers in Christ Productions has had one goal. To produce God glorifying and Christ-honoring film that the whole family can enjoy.

From the humble beginnings of creating films in our church basement with friends and a zero dollar budget to creating films with highly-trained filmmakers and a several thousand dollar budget we are amazed at how God has blessed us and can’t wait to see what doors he would open next.

It’s been an incredible journey as we’ve gone from just having our films in our church library to, to releasing them on YouTube for free, to DVD’s and now also digitally through platforms like Amazon.


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Over the years we have been privileged to learn the art of filmmaking in both classroom and hands-on settings from many industry professionals.

  • 2013 Christian Filmmakers Academy

  • 2015 Christian Worldview Filmmakers' Guild

  • 2015 Midwest Christian Filmmakers' Academy

  • 2016 Christian Worldview Filmmakers' Guild

  • 2016 Midwest Christian Filmmakers' Academy

  • Motion University Beta

  • 2018 Christian Worldview Filmmakers' Guild

  • 2018 Produce Iowa Media Masters Intro to Grip & Electric

  • 2018 Produce Iowa Media Masters Production Assistant Boot Camp