Brothers in Christ Productions’ Covenant


          Below are the morals and beliefs that Brothers in Christ Productions holds. We use these standards to decide what video projects we will work on; and also, so that when you view a movie of ours, you can be confident of what will and won’t be shown in such projects.


1.      The First Commandment says that you shall have no other gods. We believe that the only true God is the Triune God of the Bible: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; therefore, we will refrain from producing films, or being involved in projects, that support or promote other religions. This means that the messages you see driving our films will be distinctively Christian.


2.      The Second Commandment tells us to not misuse the Name of the Lord, our God. Therefore, we will refrain from misusing God’s Name, as well as from using other vulgar and in-appropriate language in our films and projects. As a result, you can be confident of what your kids will hear in any of our projects.    


3.      The Fourth Commandment says to honor your father and mother. We believe that parents have a critical role to play in God’s creation, and unlike media today where parents are shown as ignorant and clueless we will strive to show the Biblical view of parenting, as well as, how children should honor and obey their parents.


4.      The Fifth Commandment tells us that we should not kill. We feel that every life is created by God and is sacred and precious in His sight. Therefore, we will not be involved in any project that supports or promotes abortion, or the taking of life unjustly, as a good thing.

5.      The Sixth Commandment states: ‘You shall not commit adultery’. We believe that God created marriage to be between one man and one woman. Therefore, we will not work on any project that supports or promotes the marriage of same-sex couples. Likewise, we believe that sex is a gift of God that is to be saved for marriage, as a result, we will not work on any projects that support or promote sex before marriage.


6.      The Eighth Commandment warns us to not give false testimony against our neighbors; therefore, we will not work on any project that will deface or hurt someone’s reputation.


7.       We will not have actors or actresses wearing inappropriate dress in any of our projects, which could become eye-traps to those that may be watching.


8.      We perform all of our work for the Glory of God! We want to honor Christ in all that we say and do - on screen and off screen - to bring glory to our Lord, and not to ourselves. It’s about what Christ will do through the message of the projects that we produce