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We are excited to announce that Crave is the first part in a trilogy of films that focus on the Word of God. Lord willing the rest of the trilogy will be shot in May of 2019. The second part will focus on standing on the Word of God through persecution and the third film will focus on using the Word of God to recognize and confront false doctrine in the church.


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Crave follows the story of Olivia(Elaina Hagstrom), a freshman in college. As she goes through her first year of college she begins to feel like something is missing from her life. This leads her on a search to fill her craving with the help of her roommate Claire(Lindy Nelson). But before Olivia has all her answers she will have to make a life and death decision.

Crave was our re-entry into the world of creating our own narrative films after a couple of years away from that realm. We are please to announce that the script for the film won two awards at the April 2017 CFF in Newport News, VA. 'Best Script' and 'Best Script Fan Favorite'. It has since gone on to wins awards and nominations in a number of other festivals.

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