The creation of Brothers in Christ Productions started in 2008 when I, Micah Versemann, approached my dad Pastor Matthew Versemann with the idea of writing a book trilogy for the church newsletter on the end times from the LCMS perspective of Revelations. My dad agreed with the idea and also agreed to be the Biblical editor of the book trilogy.

In August of 2009 we decided to turn the book trilogy in a short film trilogy using friends and members of our church. Cameras began rolling on the first part in December of 2009 and wrapped filming on third part in June of 2011. In August of 2011 we rented the town’s local theater to have an all church and cast showing of the completed trilogy that officially signaled the end of production on the trilogy.

In June 2011 I began  writing the next Brothers in Christ Productions film along with taking film-making classes as a way to expand on my knowledge for the next production. From April to June of 2013 we filmed our first feature film, The Faith Line which had a small theatrical release October 24-30, 2014.

Between 2013 and the fall of 2017 we produced our feature film The Faith Line as well as two short films, Thank You(2014) and Agape(2015). We also worked on a number of other film projects including films for Solid Ground Studios, JB Productions and the Midwest Christian Filmmakers Academy.

In the fall of 2016 we began working on our next short film project Crave which was shot in the fall of 2017 and premiered in April of 2018.

Starting in 2015 we also opened up our free-lance side of the company working on films and promotional material locally and across the country.