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RELEVANT AND WORTHY - Great movie to help people cope and live in the midst of tragedy. Even the best of us can take our eyes off our King and Sovereign One. The audio quality is excellent. Very nice balance of audio that does not allow the musical accompaniment to drown out the dialogues with the characters of the film. The video quality was equally impressive. Must watch. - Watson Prunier

ANSWER TO DIFFICULT TIMES - Great short film with an inspirational message. Life is not easy and you can find hope in the people you surround yourself with and reading the Bible for help and hope. His word is the same yesterday, today and forever. - Scott W

I wholeheartedly and unreservedly endorse this set of Bible studies resources for young people. The film sets the framework for the Bible studies and the discussions based on them. The film examines our deep, often unrecognized longing for God that is all too often misplaced, distorted and consequently frustrated. These resources have been carefully designed to lead people like Olivia to accept the truth of God’s word as law and gospel, so that they are convicted of sin, pardoned by God, and assured of their salvation. They show how Jesus satisfies the longings of the heart for acceptance and love by bringing them the acceptance and love of God through his word in the divine service. The approach in these studies is most commendable. It not only provides doctrinally sound, pastorally helpful instruction, but also appeals to the conscience personally, imaginatively, and emotionally. – Dr. Rev. John Kleinig

TECHNICALLY SOLID AND A GREAT MESSAGE - Beautifully crafted and the perfect length to get across a message that is timeless and timely. It is one that will especially hit home for those who have grown up in Christian homes and are tempted to leave the truths they have been taught. - Amazon Customer

LIFE-CHANGING - Great short film. Inspirational. The message of of getting through day to day by reading the Bible daily and praying is true. It’s how I survive each day. - Tracy Noyes

The message of this film is extremely relevant and important. In our culture, technology has all but removed reading from people’s day-to-day lives, and this film is a reminder that we need to turn our devices off and spend time with God in his Word. So Important. - Amazon Customer

Crave dives deep into the void of anxiety to explore what can truly give peace to people wrestling with life’s difficult questions, even the ultimate question. Crave highlights what many Christian movies can’t – that a Christian’s biggest battle is within, but won on the cross by Christ. Finally, it proposes that “faith comes by hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ,” and that we as Christians have every opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those dearest to us by staying in and sharing that very word of Christ.  – Daniel Sanchez, Camp Director at Camp Io-Dis-E-Ca, Iowa District East

Crave is a wonderful short film that documents how one young adult struggles with the unexpected twists and turns that complicate all of our lives, even while competing voices and worldviews vie for equal time. Ultimately, this film vividly reminds us that when our soul hungers, the portion of daily bread that we (and our neighbors) need is always found in Christ. - Rev. Marcus Zill, Director of Campus Ministry for the LCMS


I was impressed with the film.  I was afraid at the beginning that the characters were “do-gooder” kids but I was wrong. The story is well told even with amateur actors. I had a bit of a sense of craving myself and was surprised how sympathetic a character Dustin was. – Dr. Rev. Terry Dittmer

Crave does a marvelous job of showing a person in crisis. The questions, struggles, and difficulties Olivia faces and expresses are genuine. I have heard them in the course of my ministry. In addition, the advice she is given by her roommate and the way in which Olivia did not have a "and all of a sudden I am better" experience is very real. – Rev. Max Mons, Campus Pastor at Iowa University