Crave Bible Study - Leader/Student Editions - Digital Download

Crave Bible Study - Leader/Student Editions - Digital Download


Ready to dive deeper into the message of Brothers in Christ Productions latest film project Crave?

This 4-part Bible Study covers whether the Word of God is true, the theme of the film and the hidden symbolism in the film and is perfect for Bible Study groups, Youth Groups, families and individuals.

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I wholeheartedly and unreservedly endorse this set of Bible studies resources for young people. The film sets the framework for the Bible studies and the discussions based on them. The episodes in the film examine our deep, often unrecognized longing for God that is all too often misplaced, distorted and consequently frustrated. These resources have been carefully designed to lead people like Olivia to accept the truth of God’s word as law and gospel, so that they are convicted of sin, pardoned by God, and assured of their salvation. They show how Jesus satisfies the longings of the heart for acceptance and love by bringing them the acceptance and love of God through his word in the divine service. The approach in these studies is most commendable. It not only provides doctrinally sound, pastorally helpful instruction, but also appeals to the conscience personally, imaginatively, and emotionally. – Dr. Rev. John Kleinig